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travel pillow
Neck Pillow
Neck Pillow

"Get the best quality sleep you've ever had from a travel pillow - guaranteed!"

You've got a holiday coming up and you need a travel pillow. You've tried traditional 'U' shaped neck pillows and cushion shaped travel pillows and found they didn't keep your head and neck in a comfortable position while you tried to get some sleep. You woke up with a sore neck (If you managed to get any sleep at all). ezysleep's unique, patented design gives you complete, 360 degrees of support for your head, neck & chin - Guaranteed!

"This fantastic design stops your head from tilting forward! ..... Perfect for holidays, business travel and kicking jet-lag into touch, amazing neck pillow"
Beyond Travel Magazine Review - June 2009 Issue

We're so confident you'll get the best quality, most comfortable sleep you've ever had sat upright, we'll give you a full refund if you're not completely satisfied - And, you can keep the earplugs and eye mask as our gift to you! - That's our Great Flight Guarantee!

NEW! For a limited time we are giving away our Limited Edition ezysleep Earplugs and Eyemask - ABSOLUTELY FREE - with every order! - Don't miss out! (That's a set of earplugs and an eyemask given away with every pillow purchased!)

Complete support for your head & neck

We've all been there and that's why we came up with the design for the ezysleep travel pillow. 360 degrees of support for your neck.

  • It lets you sleep sitting up (like in a plane or a bus).
  • It doesn't let your head fall forward and give you neck ache.
  • It's light, easy to inflate and packs neatly away in your bag.
  • Everything a travel pillow should do - Properly.
  • Great for tours & holiday


Whether you travel by road, rail or air - arriving at your destination refreshed and without neck strain is now possible with the ezysleep neck pillow.

How does it work?

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For long or short haul, business trips or holidays - ezysleep will help make your trip more comfortable.

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Recent customer comments:

"My recent flight to Mexico was definately made more comfortable by having my ezysleep. For the first time ever on a flight i managed to sleep and woke without neck pain. I would highly recommend ezysleep's neck pillow to anyone wishing to sleep or rest on the move."
Dennis Michael - UK

"Thank you.. I am astounded - they arrived by post just a few minutes ago. I have already tested one and it is marvelous. I'm sure many of my friends will want one. Have a great day."
Roni - Canada

"Great product - I fly long haul several times a year and ezysleep has made these trips a lot more comfortable"
Colin - Australia

"I take several holidays a year, mostly coach holidays abroad. I wouldn't dream of going without my ezysleep because I can't sleep comfortably without it"
Janet - UK

"I even use it to read in bed!"
Marie - USA

"Thanks guys, ezysleep really works and I've tried a lot of pillows - yours is by far the best - does exactly what it says!"
Guy - USA

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